The Next Generation Web 3.0 Multichain Launchpad

Built for the next generation of users, Meadow will Incubate and launch the most anticipated projects on the Sui Network. Meadow's team consists of veterans and partners who bring years of qualified experience in the incubation space which puts us far ahead of our competition.

Public Sale & Token Information:

The public sale will take place on May 26, 1pm UTC and will be held on the Meadow launchpad (app.meadowlaunch.com). The token will officially be listed on May 28, 1pm UTC (more details to be announced)


2.23M tokens

Initial circulating supply



Public Price


Under $250,000

Initial Marketcap

Built to protect

Investors come first, see how you can benefit from our insurance pool, uniquely designed to drive the price of our token up and most importantly protect our users.


Stake your tokens and earn rewards! You can choose how long you want to lock up your tokens for, the longer the more rewards you will earn.


To foster transparency in the meadow ecosystem, take a look at how Meadow plans on keeping its ecosystem’s economics functional and beneficial for both the host and builders.

Our partners


Apply for IDO

We are always on the lookout for creative and disruptive projects. Our team of experts will critically vet every submission, handpick the unique ones, and then work with their creators to take the project to the next level.

Apply for KOL

Are you willing to put your social accounts to work? Do you want to help put meadow out there to drive up our socials? We are working side by side with meadow’s marketing army, and you’re welcome to be a part of it. Join us and be part of the team!

Our Team

team member

Arjun Singh

As a highly skilled and experienced CEO in the crypto industry, I possess over four years of hands-on experience working on a diverse range of projects. My core competencies lie in the development of innovative blockchain solutions that enable businesses to achieve their objectives in a secure and efficient manner. One of my key achievements was leading the development of Meadow, a successful launchpad in the Sui ecosystem. Working with a team of highly talented developers, designers, and marketers, I was able to drive the growth and success of Meadow. Having a proven track record of building and managing dynamic teams that deliver outstanding results in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry. By leveraging my expertise and skills, I have been able to establish myself as a thought leader in the crypto community. In summary, Arjun vast experience and proven track record make him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to develop and launch cutting-edge blockchain solutions. With his ability to inspire and lead teams, coupled with my unwavering commitment to excellence, he is confident in ability to drive success and growth in the crypto industry.

team member

Tommi Karjalainen

Tommi Karjalainen has joined Meadow as a gaming advisor, an overview of Tommi consists of being a Game Director, Senior Designer Over 14 years of experience in UX, and visual design for digital services and applications. Have been working across a huge range of different brands and companies around the globe. Currently developing a game exclusively for Nintendo with the top talents. A passionate gamer since 1990 and have a wide knowledge of the game industry. Skills obtained include Visual design, Game design, UX, Quality and usability testing, 3D modeling, IOS, Android, Nintendo ecosystem. Currently a CEO, Game Director Designton Game Studios, Finland Senior Designer, Consultant Futurice

team member

Rene van Dijk

Rene van Dijk will also be a gaming advisor for Meadow, he is a Blockchain specialist, web3 game manager, six-year experience in blockchain technology along with a long history of helping startups and new projects to grow bigger. Rene's main goal is to change the future of gaming by fixing the gap between web3 and the traditional gaming industry by helping companies to produce high-quality web3 games. Skills which have been obtained include Web3 gaming, Game development management, Blockchain technology, Marketing, Product Launch and strategy, background CEO Designton AG Game Studio, Swiss, CEO of Xdroids, COO Fox Gaming.

team member


Game developer for over 4 years with solid experience in team management and coordination of projects with over 50 million installs. All of the games are published on the Play Store and App Store. Lately he's been working on blockchain integration and development of projects that rely on Web3.

team member


Hamza is part of the legal team for Meadow, with regulations kicking in, it is important to stay within the regulatory framework, Hamza will make sure that Meadow is conducting a smooth KYC/KYB procedure with start-ups and our partners. He has previously worked at Giant Group as a Corporate Legal Advisor and will validate projects through critical inspection.

team member


Ken has 6+ years of Crypto experience and is the growth advisor at Meadow. He has advised many other crypto projects ranging from $10m to $100m+ in valuation. Ken built a network of over 100k followers and implemented marketing methods that helped him scale his own business and projects he's advised

team member


Sami is the Strategic Coordinator and Advisor at Meadow. Additionally, he is the founder and CEO of Celestial Ventures. Sami, who holds a bachelor's degree in business, has over five years of expertise in crypto, having worked on tier 1 deals, raising millions for start-ups, and has consulted numerous projects. With Sami's knowledge, the team will ensure that Meadow launches the best projects on Sui

team member

Makinde Adeniyi

Makinde Adeniyi a skilled and experienced content writer. With a background in journalism and a passion for researching and writing, Makinde has honed his skills to become an expert in crafting engaging and informative content for a variety of digital platforms. From crafting compelling blog posts and articles to creating product descriptions that drive sales, Adeniyi is able to create content that resonates with readers and achieves business goals. He is well-versed in SEO best practices and stays up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing.


Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

When will the public sale open ?

How many partners does Meadow have?

What is the inital marketcap of Meadow?

Will Meadow support other chains?

When will Meadow launch?

What kind of projects will Meadow launch?

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